It all started when François worked with renowned guitar player and composer Michel Cusson, performing for the French « AO La Fantastique Légende » in Drummondville, Québec for the 2008 and 2009 productions.

In summer 2011, François joins Cavalia, a large-scale equestrian and performing arts production. The show that started in 2003 and had been seen by more than 3.5 million spectators already. François joined the tour and performed all over North America, Mexico, Australia, Middle East, Europe and later, China.


AO La fantastique légende 2008

In 2014, Cavalia created a brand new show for the events of the ''Qasr Al Hosn'' Festival in Abu Dhabi, UAE. A new traditional Emirati score was written in a very short amount of time and additional musicians where brought in addition to the usual band. "Working closely with Cusson and an incredible team of professional players was extremely inspiring and became a definite turning point in my career"

Qasr Al Hosn, Abu Dhabi 2014

San Jose Bar, Ca, 2012

François later studied film scoring at UQAM University. In 2016, he is nominated as a finalist for both "The Marvin Hamlisch Film Scoring Competition" and the Concours International de Musique de Film de Montréal" . In Octobre 2016, he joins La Hacenda Creative for a 6 month internship on video game music where he worked closely with composer Brian D'Oliveira (Resident Evil 7, Far Cry Primal, Papo & Yo).

In May 2017, François teams up with Mathieu Lavoie and FX Dupas at Vibe Avenue as a full time composer for video games. He has since composed on many projects such as Omensight (Spearhead Games), Ultimate Chicken Horse (Cleaver Endevour), The Darwin Project (Scavengers Studio), Speed Brawl (Double Stallion Games) and many more.

In films, François wrote the music in collaboration with Mathieu Lavoie, for the 52 minutes underwater documentary Aqua Incognita by Nathalie Lasselin. The film features a group of professional divers exploring the depths of Chinese uncharted waters. François is currently working with Priscilla Poirier on Ange Arnaqué, a feature film about the sad realities of juvenile prostitution. Other recent works include the music for short films such as Fraise & Rhubarbe directed by Michelle Cazes, Feu follet by Valérie Charbonneau and Je suis comme le Roi directed by Louis St-Pierre.

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